Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain exercises

Keeping an active role is usually recommended with Shoulder pain. Exercises and stretches can be performed multiple times daily as long as pain is not exacerbated. This can take weeks to months so the key to recovery is patience.

For the best results you should always keep the movements within your own pain threshold. If the symptoms are too severe then leave the stretches and exercises for now or do the ones that you feel the most comfortable with.

The same applies with all exercises and stretches, a warm-up should be done before the start of the routine. This can be done by applying heat to the shoulder (Wheat bag or hot water bottle, or warm shower).

  1. Pendulum Swing

Stand next to table and rest the good arm/hand on the table. Let the other arm dangle. Swing the dangling arm in circles about one foot in diameter. Swing in circular motion one way for 10 times then the other way 10 times. If this is not too painful, you can hold a light-weighted object such as a tin of food, or a 1-2 kg dumbbell.

2) Finger walks

Face the wall about 8 inches away. Gently place the middle and index finger of the symptom shoulder on the wall. Walk the fingers slowly up the wall until the arm is raised as far as comfortable. Then slowly down again. Repeat 5 times.

3) Internal rotation exercise

For this you will need a rubber band such as a Pilates or Theraband. Tie or fasten the band on a door handle securely. Stand side on towards the door, elbow at 90 degrees whilst holding the band. Pull the band inwards towards the body slowly then hold for 5 seconds, then slowly release back to start. Repeat 10 times.

4) Sleeper stretch

Lie down on your affected side. Bend your knees. Bend the elbow of the affected arm at 90 degrees, with the fingers pointing towards the ceiling. Gently use the healthy arm to slowly push the other one towards the ground, as far as possible. Stop if pain persists.

5) Lying down shoulder flexion

Lie on your back with body straight. Slowly lift the injured arm up vertically and backward supported by the healthy arm. Reach until a stretch is felt and hold for 5 seconds. Slowly release back to the start.

6) Shoulder extension

Gently grasp your hands behind you back. Slowly lift your arms upwards until a stretch is felt. Hold for 5 seconds then relax. Repeat 10 times.

6) Posterior shoulder stretch

Gently bring the affected arm across the chest helped by the healthy arm. hold for 20 seconds then slowly release.

7) Doorway stretch

Stand in the middle of the doorway facing one side of the door frame. Grab the frame keeping your arm at 90 degrees. Slowly rotate your body away from the door frame so your back is now facing the door frame. Hold for 30 seconds and slowly release.

Shoulder pain discomfort with exercise

If any of the above exercise’s and stretches cause any or too much discomfort to your shoulder pain, then stop and seek advice from your Osteopath.

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