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Travel tips for general Musculo-Skeletal pain.


  • Pack lightly – lugging around at the airport heavy carry-ons can put you at further risk of strain or injury.


  • Keep Medications on hand – keep all medications with you and not in checked bags. Pack medicines that require refrigeration in a small cooler bag with an ice pack in. Buy a high-tech pillbox if you need medication reminders. Check ahead to find the closest pharmacy to where your staying.


  • Carry an assistant– Assistive devices can be a great help, this includes a folding cane or walker, travel chair beaded seat cover, folding Reacher or even carrying an extra pillow for back support and comfort.


  • Ask a professional– Talk to an occupational therapist before you hit the road who can give you tips for preparing your car or choosing the right rental car.


  • Be clever with your booking– by traveling mid-week you can avoid long lines and airport congestion. Book a seat with extra leg room or on the aisle so its easier to stretch your legs.


  • Temperature control– For pain and stiffness, hot and cold therapies are useful. Always good to stock up on heat wraps and pads. Also, hotels with a sauna, heated pool or hot tubs would also be beneficial. Be aware of the gel inside some of these hot/ cold treatments as you will not be able to carry on board the aircraft. An electric or microwavable bag would be of use.


  • Move at intervals– Stiffness can develop if sat for long periods of time, so if on the road plan time for stops, or move around on the train or plane when safe to do so. Get up and walk every 30-40 minutes.


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